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Hello, I am Archon I am the mind behind Valiant, as well as Highborne. I make music for the passion, and desire of doing so. Writing music has always been a unique way for me to escape life problems, as well as listening to music. I know people relate strongly on this subject, which is why I make music; to connect my thoughts and feelings to other minds like mine.
In this subscription fans will receive my entire back catalog, as well as unreleased material, demo tracks, and will always be the first to hear something new. Each fan whom subscribes to this subscription will receive new material before it is released to the public. Not just that, but paying fans will occasionally receive exclusive tracks all for $5. In addition, fans will receive a 15% discount on all merch. I believe this is a unique way to connect to fans, and a unique way to interact with new fans.
I, Archon thank each fan for supporting this epic atmospheric black metal project, I look forward to the many years ahead.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Inspired by high fantasy works of all, Valiant is an Epic Atmospheric Black Metal project by Archon, also of Highborne in which hails from the United States of America in Albuquerque, NM

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